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Jamie has been supporting women, children and families for nearly twenty years, providing therapeutic support to help achieve life’s fullest potential. Jamie is a board-certified art therapist and licensed professional counselor. Jamie offers specialized support and therapeutic intervention for people affected by trauma and loss, as a result of abuse, violence, sudden accidental events or the passing of loved ones. Her clinical efforts have also focused on providing strategic psycho-educational training and life skills in the areas of pre-natal, post-partum and early childhood.


Jamie is active in the arts and in local and international social justice efforts that promote life’s integrity and value for all human beings. She has integrated her creative and therapeutic skills with the practice of prenatal, birth and postpartum support to ensure that life’s significant moments can be experienced with purposeful and positive perspective. Throughout her career, she has fine-tuned her skills and efforts to focus on the perinatal, birth, postpartum and early parenting stages of life. Jamie has been a practicing birth and postpartum doula for over twelve years. Jamie is also a Lamaze certified childbirth Educator.

Counseling with Jamie

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